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Add colour to your wardrobe with these 6 key pieces

Updated: Sep 29

When I work with clients on wardrobe edits, the one thing I hear regularly is how much women want more colour in their wardrobes. Post pandemic, there's definitely a shift in our longing for colourful outfits to lift spirits and I sense women are caring less about others' opinions and excited to make a strong personal style statement. Go for it!

As part of my London College of Style personal styling training, I prepped a personal shop edit for my client who wants to stand out on work Zoom calls as well as impressing at her face to face meetings. Colour and pattern is certainly going to help her do that.

This trendspotter article gives great tips too on how to combine colours you may not have considered and create a real WOW when you go to the office - or the supermarket.

And if you need guidance on what colours work best for you, then experts like Cheryl at Thrive with Colour can help identify colours that bring out your natural beauty and make shopping for colour a breeze.

Colourful pieces to transform your wardrobe

Here's some key pieces I found on the high street (online and in-store brands) that will catapult some colour into your wardrobe. Be brave and mix and match them to get outfits that truly POP!

1. Patterned multi-coloured blouse

woman wearing brightly coloured shirt

Dancing Leopard £39

Wear this with hot pink or green trousers to get noticed at the office. Will also look great peeking out from a cashmere sweater on colder days.

2. Stripy Shirt

woman wearing brightly coloured shirt

H&M £17.99

The vertical lines in this shirt give height, especially welcome for petite sizes and will work well under a dress too.

3. Colour pop smart trousers

woman wearing pink trousers

M&S £39.50

These trousers will see you through from day to night - just switch up your white trainers for some strappy heels.

4. Satin full skirt

a woman wearing a blue top and skirt

Warehouse £71.20 (Sale)

This will look amazing with a relaxed sweater and ankle boots in the day but amp it up at night with a silky vest top, heels and faux fur coat.

5. Versatile maxi shirt dress

woman wearing orange dress

Dancing Leopard £59

This shirt dress could be worn with a soft sweater over the top on colder days and will work in the office and for after work drinks too.

6. Square necked frilly dress

a woman in a colourful dress

Nobody's Child £59

Fearne's Happy Place collaboration with Nobody's Child is joyous and playful - brighten up any work Zoom with this cheery number.

How to use colour to organise your wardrobe

When I'm organising clients' wardrobes, one effective way is to organise by colour. It helps put colourful outfits together at a glance and highlights if you've too much or little of a colour.

a rail of colourful jumpers

I hope you like our colourful collection from the high street. Be experimental and don't forget to tag happynested on Instagram with your colourful creations!


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