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The Home Organising Process
Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

I should be able to declutter and organise my home myself, right?

  • There's a lot of seemingly perfect-looking lives on social media- glamorous job, perfect kids, beautiful home. What's the secret? It's help from experts because no-one is winging this life alone.

  • Cleaners, childcare, someone to do the garden or put up shelves. Takeaways when you can't be bothered cooking & clothes delivered to your door when you've no time to shop. Why would getting help to declutter & organise your home be any different?

  • Life is busy. My philosophy is to get your home to a place that works for you and that you love again and gently coach you on the ways to keep it that way.

I'm embarrassed - my home's really messy. No mood to be judged or told off about it

  • I do NOT judge or scold (ask my clients). Let you into a little secret - messier the better- it gives me clues as to how I can make things better for you.

  • There are many reasons a person's home may not be as they want it - a young family that takes up every single moment, a full on job, ill health, bereavement or divorce. Life is tough. Please cut yourself some slack.

How does this work?

  • We start by understanding what space in your home you wish to change and why. We can do this however works for you best. You can send me pics via email, we can chat over the phone or on a Zoom or I can come visit you in your home.

  • I assess the work that needs doing and get back to you with a bespoke, no obligation quote and how long is needed on the day. If you're happy, then we book a convenient date for me to come to your home.

  • For this session, you will need to be available for the editing process and just be on hand to say you're happy with the new organising systems. Depending on the project, allow 1-2 hours for the editing process.

  • I can bring pre-agreed organising products and charge those at cost - often we can use what you already have!

Will you make me get rid of things I love?

  • Never! My approach is all about stylishly organising the things you love and need and letting go of those items that no longer serve you and your home. I will never force you to part with anything, always gently coaching you on ways to maintain a beautiful and functional home that helps you thrive everyday - not one that creates chaos and stress. I help you set up organising systems that are maintainable and realistic - everyone and every home is unique.

Will you put images of my home on your social media?

  • I take photos at the start of the project so I can go away and come up with a design plan and quote. I never share those on social media. Once the project is completed, I take "After" photos and videos for your reference so you can see how you have achieved change in your home.

  • I always ask permission to show these on my social media platforms and if you are not comfortable with this, I will not post.

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